I will work with you to transform your health, using holistic nutrition and wellness protocols, and an approach individualised to your specific needs.


Each session we will discover the areas that may be holding you back from achieving your ideal life, and support you with exactly what you need to find your Thula (Peace, Balance & Tranquility).

I use a range of holistic wellness protocols, focusing on functional nutrition as the foundation, to find the cause of imbalances and develop a program based on your specific physiology, lifestyle & requirements.

You will leave with a new sense of peace, connection and confidence, knowing you have everything you need to achieve optimal health and stillness within yourself.


We are on this journey together! 

Thula by Jen is more than just ‘Health Coaching’, I will provide you with the tools, knowledge and support needed to achieve long term results and to remain dedicated to making the small consistent actions daily, on the path to a happier, healthier life. 

As a certified holistic & integrative practitioner, we will work together to optimise your nutrition, physical & emotional health, mindset, career goals, relationships, social life and spiritual well being, as well as addressing deficiencies and other lifestyle factors that may be impacting your health.



I hope to inspire you to make healthier life choices in order to experience true stillness within yourself.

If you often feel overwhelmed, unmotivated,  have a sense that you are not on the right path or perhaps have been dealing with chronic health issues or imbalances that are holding you back, I will help you realign physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, to find inner peace and well being within yourself.

I truly believe that by building a foundation of resilience through holistic nutritional protocols and developing a better understanding and awareness of your body and exactly what it needs to thrive, you can make the shift required to be happy and healthy for yourself and loved ones.

Initial Consultation

Using comprehensive & holistic wellness framework, we will discover the areas that may be holding you back from achieving true Peace, Balance & Tranquility within yourself.

I believe that knowledge is power, but without action it is useless, so each initial consultation includes a follow up session.

Through accountability and action, paired with genuine care and support for your well being, you will be taking the steps towards long term changes and a life that you love.

Expect to leave with a new sense of peace, connection and confidence, knowing you have everything you need to achieve stillness within yourself.

15 Minute Initial Consultation: FREE

1 Hour Private Consultations: $120

Our consultations are conducted with complete confidentiality, respect, authenticity and transparency throughout.



Personalised Wellness Programs

I believe each and every person is unique, in the way they eat, live, think, feel and experience life. As well having individual goals, values and belief systems.

This is why I look at multiple factors that can be influencing your health, and utilise principles of bio-individuality and holistic wellness protocols to facilitate the healing process and develop a personalised program to transform your body, mind and life.

From balancing hormones, gut and autoimmune conditions, to preventing degeneration, chronic illness and slowing signs of ‘aging’. I analyse lifestyle and nutrition to optimize mental and physical performance and well being.

By taking small consistent actions, aligned with your individual needs, you will achieve a happier, healthier and more balanced life.

6 Month Lifestyle Transformation

Are you struggling to make the right lifestyle choices? Lacking vitality? Or simply stressed & overwhelmed with the busy-ness of life? Is your physical or emotional health holding you back?

Are you ready for a complete Lifestyle Reset?

This packages is for anyone who is seeking transformation, and is dedicated to creating long term sustainable changes.

Throughout this 6 month program we will walk together on the path to the new you.

By taking a deep dive into all aspects of your life, we will work together to optimise your health, wellness & lifestyle, unpacking your baggage and repacking it neatly to create a calmer, more content and peaceful you.


Fortnightly 1 on 1 Consultations (26 Total)

Personalised Holistic Wellness Plan

Plus, choose one of the following:

Supermarket Tour (understanding labels and products)

or, Farmers market tours

or, Home Pantry Detox and Clean Out

Additional Services

When we work together, we will take things further than just private consultations.

All 6 Month Transformation Packs include one of the below, or if you are a new client, booking an initial consultation, opt to add one of these for just $30.

Farmers Market Tour

Local is best. I will show you why locally grown produce is more nutritious, and how to source healthy local and organic food for you and your family, that is still affordable.

Supermarket Tour

I will help you understand labels and the everyday products that will nourish your body from the inside. 

 Pantry Detox

We will do a complete overhaul of what is in your pantry, removing foods that may be harmful and replacing them with more nutritious options.

What To Expect in a Consultation

Health and diet history

Overview of food and exercise habits

Discussion of current lifestyle to tailor strategies

Education regarding the relationship between your condition and diet

Collaborative establishment of health goals

Planned course of action in the form of a personalised eating plan, nutrition guidelines or practical advice for healthy eating

Review consultation

Analysis of food diary

Tailoring of nutrition advice

Continued support and motivation

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My passion and heartfelt commitment is not only about the service I provide but even more so about helping people find a sense of peace and well being in themselves. This comes by truly understanding your mind and body, to make the shift required to be truly happy and healthy for yourself and your loved ones.

I am incredibly grateful to have you here and for the opportunity to work with you.