Certified holistic & integrative health coach

Jen Fraser

Derived from the Zulu language, Thula means peace and quiet. For each of us this means different things.

I take the time to explore your individual needs and provide practical, supportive, and nourishing solutions.

Focusing on physical and mental transformations, I use holistic nutritional principles and preventative methods to guide you to make positive changes to improve your life for the better.

With a passion for caring for and helping others, together we will unpack the root cause of your individual challenges to ensure long lasting results and long-term well being, happiness and the discovery of your “Thula”.

Thula by Jen specialises in healing, functional nutrition, breathing and meditation, movement, stress management and hormone balance.

Along with providing individualised nutritional programs that optimise your physical, emotional and spiritual health, I can support you with many of the aspects impacting daily life, such as finding a fulfilling career path, home cooking, creating positive relationships, and finding joy, creativity, and spirituality.


Personalised Wellness Programs

Optimal health is more than eating well and exercising, I also take into account your emotional, social and spiritual well being, to develop a personalised holistic health & nutrition program using bio-individual protocols designed to transform your body, mind and life.

By taking small consistent actions, aligned with your individual needs, you too can achieve a happier, healthier and more balanced life.

1 on 1 Consulations

Each session we will discover the areas that may be holding you back from achieving your ideal life, and support you with exactly what you need to find your Thula.

I use a range of holistic wellness protocols to find the cause of imbalances and develop a program based on your specific needs.

You will leave with a new sense of peace, connection and confidence, knowing you have everything you need to achieve stillness within yourself.

Lifestyle Transformation

Are you struggling to make the right lifestyle choices? Lacking vitality? Or simply stressed & overwhelmed with the busy-ness of life?

We will work together to make long lasting positive change and optimise your physical & emotional health, mindset, career goals, relationships, social life and spiritual well being.

This packages is for anyone ready to commit to making long term transformation a reality.


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My passion and heartfelt commitment is not only about the service I provide but even more so about helping people find a sense of peace and well being in themselves. This comes by truly understanding your mind and body, to make the shift required to be truly happy and healthy for yourself and your loved ones.

I am incredibly grateful to have you here and for the opportunity to work with you.